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How it Works PhoneSheriff

How the Filtering and Monitoring Process Works

How it Works PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff defines the latest in mobile parental controls. This revolutionary software allows parents to easily install software to their child's compatible cell phone or tablet. Once the software is installed it gives the parent the ability to restrict, filter and monitor everything their child does with the phone or tablet. It also allows them to get instant unlimited GPS locates of their child at zero charge per track.

While you can view logs within the PhoneSheriff interface itself by entering the password, there's no need to worry about being near the device to view the activity. Activities are inserted to a private and secure account. You can login to your secure account using ANY web browser, even a computer or phone web browser. Here's a diagram to help you visualize how this process works.


How it Works

This new technology might sound complicated but the process is actually quite easy using our online User Guide and other documentation. Below you will find a summarized version of how it works.

Below you will find an outline of the four steps involved in purchasing and setting up PhoneSheriff on your phone or tablet.

First Step: Make Purchase

In order to purchase this software you must first acknowledge and agree that you are the owner of the device you wish to install the software onto and you are the legal parent of the child being monitored. You must also agree you will notify your child they will be monitored.

If you qualify and are ready to purchase, go to the appropriate Order Page and complete all sections and agree to the PhoneSheriff Legal Requirements. Click Next and then enter your billing information. Then complete the order and check your email.

Second Step: Download to Phone or Tablet

After the order is complete, you will be instantly emailed a receipt with a code to create your Username/Password. This email will also contain a link to download the program. You can install the application onto your phone or tablet easily using the included instructions.

After PhoneSheriff is downloaded to the device you will run the installer file on the it. Once the software is installed you are ready to adjust settings.

Third Step: Adjust Settings

Parents can access the software by tapping the tamper-proof app icon. This is the same interface you will go into to setup your choices of what the program should do.

Use the instructions contained in the order email to enter the PhoneSheriff interface. Select any time or phone number restrictions to apply. Select which activities you wish to monitor. Click Yes when it asks.

Fourth Step: Login to View Activities

Activities will now be filtered and logged and rapidly inserted to your PhoneSheriff account. Your child will see a device notification and a tamper-proof icon to notify them that they are being monitored.

Then you can login to your account by visiting the Login Page anytime. After entering your username and password you will be brought to the Secure Online Control Panel. Log entries are categorized by activity types on the left side. Click a type to start viewing!

Also included when you subscribe to PhoneSheriff is the FREE Archive App. With it you can download the logs and archive them on your computer.
* The Archive App is compatible with Windows computers only.

Compatible Phone Carriers

Any GSM or CDMA carrier. Includes T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T and most others.

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Device Requirements

Compatible Android smartphone or Android tablet. Currently not compatible with iOS or BlackBerry.

GPS tracking requires GPS enabled device.
Compatibility Details

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