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Want to try Investigator before you purchase? Now you can use the full version for 7 days absolutely free. There is no need to enter any credit card information to use the trial.

Once you see how Investigator lets you monitor your child's iPhone, iPad and/or iPod with no Jailbreak necessary, you will know why you need this easy program to protect them.

7 Day Trial Version Download


Step 1

Enable iCloud on Device
In order for PhoneSheriff Investigator to work, your child's device must connect to iCloud. On your child's device, go to Settings > iCloud.

On the iCloud screen, you should see your Apple ID and a list of options. If you don't, then iCloud is not enabled yet. Simply enter your Apple ID and password there to enable iCloud.

After iCloud is enabled, make the settings appear the same as the screens below:

All options should be turned ON except iCloud Drive and Keychain. Make sure those two options are turned OFF. Note: Don't setup Family Sharing.

The limit for a free iCloud account is 5 gigabytes, so you may choose to not upload the photos if you expect the device's camera roll to exceed that amount.

Step 2

Perform iCloud Backup
After you have Enabled and turned on the options for iCloud, tap the Backup menu item from the iCloud screen. Then, make sure iCloud Backup is turned ON (Green).

After that, tap the Back Up Now command. The device must be plugged in and connected to Wifi. Wait for the backup to finish.

Since you turned on the iCloud Backup, this backup will automatically be performed once the device is plugged in, connected to Wifi and asleep.

Please note: Backups to iCloud are automatic, however iCloud sometimes delays the backups for 24-48 hours before they are accessible.

Step 3

Install PhoneSheriff Investigator to Your Windows Computer
On your Windows computer, download and install the Free 7 Day Trial version from the link below.

7 Day Trial Version Download

If you get a message that says "Windows protected your PC" due to downloading an unknown application, click the "More info" button, then click "Run Anyway"

Follow the screens to agree to the Terms and install the software.

Step 4

Sign in with your Apple ID
After you install the program, launch it from Start > PhoneSheriff Investigator. Then click the "TRIAL" button. Then enter your Apple ID / Password, check the box to agree to the Terms and click Sign In. Your Apple ID is never sent back to us or any other third party besides Apple.

Step 5

Select Device to View Activities
If you have multiple devices, select the device from the drop-down menu on the next screen. After you select a device you will be able to view activities inside the interface as shown below. Use the menu on the left side to navigate between types of logs.

Investigator Monitoring Features

Text Messages Text Messages
View text messages/iMessages
sent and received.

Call History Call History
Inbound and outbound calls with number/contact.

Gps Locations Gps Locations
View location of last backup
with a dedicated map.

View photos taken and save them
to your computer.

View your child's contact numbers
saved on the device.

See your child's notes saved on
the Apple device.

Safari Bookmarks Safari Bookmarks
View your child's Safari bookmarks
with link to website.

Account DetailsWhatsApp Messages
View WhatsApp Messenger chats sent or received.

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Software Requirements:
Any Windows-based Computer with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
Any Standard DSL, Cable or Other High Speed Connection.

Monitored Device Requirements:
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Running iOS 5.x, 6.x, 7.x or 8.x.

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