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Monitor your child's smartphone/tablet internet.
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You would be amazed to know that there are around 14.78 billion pages that are indexed (meta-tagged) online (as of May, 2013). The websites range from different categories and purposes for the user. Most children are good at finding the information they need which could range from social media, educational, porn, gambling and even gaming online. Kids can easily be searching objectionable content on the web or they can sometimes just stumble upon it by mistake.

On the other hand employees can search for jobs, shopping sites, pornography and can even be gaming on company intranets. Every online search starts with a website, and that is why it is very important to monitor websites visited with PhoneSheriff. View Screenshot

Get Website Logs For The Proof You Need
Get exact info on how much time is wasted by children and employees surfing the internet.
See how staff spends their time online and to what extent they are violating company laws and team productivity.
Know why kids are so busy online and what is keeping them from real socializing.
For every website visited see the corresponding time & date as well.
Get complete URLs of websites visited and option to add to them to Black list (restricted list).
Export website logs in the format you want like PDF, XLS or CSV.
Get logs of any website searched even those that are in black list (access possible by changing proxy settings).
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Don’t Miss the Awesome Benefits of Website logs

With every web page accessed online, there are opportunities and dangers. If they are accessing portals that are work or research related then there is nothing to worry about. However if their online searches lead them to the dark corners of the web, you'll be glad that you have PhoneSheriff to monitor websites visited on their smartphones and tablets.