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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions on this page to help our users. This page consists of two sections: Common Ordering Questions and Technical Support Questions.

Common Ordering Questions

How do I sign up for PhoneSheriff online?
After you have decided to purchase, go to the purchase page. Click the Buy Now link for the billing frequency you would like. Follow the screens and enter the requested information to purchase online. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards and PayPal for online purchases. After your order completes you will immediately receive an email containing a link to download your software and instructions for installation/usage.

What are the payment methods?
While purchasing PhoneSheriff, you can pay via the following ways:

Credit Cards: Most Maestro, Visa, Discover / Novus, Diners Club, JCB and American Express cards

Online Payment: PayPal and Giropay.

What charge will show on my card?
The details for any purchase of software on our site will appear as "RETINA-X STUDIOS" or the charge will show as "Avangate" which handles ordering for thousands of different types of software companies.

Can I pay using Western Union?
No. We currently do not accept payments from Western Union.

How secure is the order process?
All order pages use the latest secured technology certified by Thawte and ScanAlert to ensure 100% Secure and Confidential buying. The order pages are tested daily and certified HACKER SAFE by ScanAlert. A logo will appear on each order page to ensure that it is secured.

Do you take orders by phone or mail?
Yes. To order PhoneSheriff by toll-free phone or mail, first go to the purchase page. Click the Buy Now link for the billing frequency you would like. Then enter your information so it will be in our system. At the bottom of this page there will be a field called "Payment Type". In the field, select "Phone" or "Mail" and click "Next". You will then be taken to a page that gives you a reference number and a toll-free phone number to call or address to send to.

How much does the license cost?
The PhoneSheriff subscription costs $89.00 USD for 12 months after the date of purchase.

What is your privacy policy?
It is company policy that our customer databases remain confidential and private. We have not, will not, and won't ever sell names to "spammers" or other parties who would like to use our databases to advertise or solicit their products or services. Our products do not collect any information from your phone other than the information required for the products' successful operation.

What is your refund policy?
We serve our customers to their fullest of satisfaction. But if in the rare case, despite thorough troubleshooting does not resolve your problem, then we will refund the full purchase price to our customers.

Do you provide technical support?
Yes. After your purchase you will receive a premium software product with step-by-step instructions, updates for life and online technical support for life. In the rare case of a problem, our support team will give you step-by-step instructions to correct your issue. 100% Guaranteed

How will I get the software?
After purchasing, you will be delivered the software download link on your email ID, immediately after completing all formalities. You can then download your software with the help of a link provided in your delivery email and read instructions for a quick installation process.

How do I cancel my subscription?
New customers of PhoneSheriff are not automatically rebilled. Instead they are given the option to renew at the end of their 12 month license. However if you were a customer previous to December 10, 2011, you can easily cancel your automatic billing just contact us to let us know you wish to cancel. Your automatic billing will be cancelled. Your account will remain active until the end of the period you purchased. At that time you would need to remove the software from your phone or tablet as it will no longer function.

Do you provide software updates?
Yes. As long as you are a PhoneSheriff subscriber you will receive the latest upgrades to the software free of charge.

Do you provide discounts or other offers?
Yes. We provide good bargain or discount offers from time-to-time to our clients. Check out our Business Package.


Common Technical Support Questions


General Questions

Online Control Panel

Client Program


Who can be monitored by PhoneSheriff?
PhoneSheriff is a mobile monitoring software for monitoring employee activity on a company-issued phone/tablet, or your underage child's smartphones and tablets. It logs all call information, texts, websites opened, contacts, photos, see location in real-time and much more. For more details, go to PhoneSheriff Features.

Is PhoneSheriff Hidden?
No. PhoneSheriff displays an icon on the device being monitored. When tapped, the icon shows a message which notifies your child or employee they are being monitored. Notifications are also periodically displayed to the user in the form of a window which they must tap OK.
View screenshot of what your child sees on the device

How do I install PhoneSheriff?
To install, access to the device is required, for at least 15 minutes. Note that this device must be internet-enabled (to be able to insert device activities to your account). After successful order completion, you will receive a Welcome Email on your registered email ID stating the login details, login link and registration key(s) purchased. Installation procedure in iPhone is slightly different than others. Unless the iPhone is jailbroken, PhoneSheriff will not install in it. A read through the user guide might prove helpful. Please follow the installation guide information provided in the email related to each operating system for successful installation.

How do I remove PhoneSheriff?
You can remove PhoneSheriff either directly from the monitored device or from online control panel. Please see the user guide link in the receipt email sent to you after your purchase for instruction on how to remove PhoneSheriff.

Is my model phone or tablet compatible?
PhoneSheriff works on major mobile operating systems like Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, plus iPad and Android tablets. To check whether your device model is compatible with PhoneSheriff or not, check the Compatibility List page. Here you can see all devices and their models listed.

Is there a trial version available?
As of now, no trial version for PhoneSheriff is available except for Android. But it will be available for other mobile platforms very soon.

What is jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking an iPhone means acquiring the device’s administrative rights to download additional apps that are not readily available official Apple App Store. This gives root access to the device operating system as well.

What is rooting? Is it required to install PhoneSheriff on an Android?
Rooting in Android is equivalent to jailbreaking an iPhone. After rooting, all limitations on downloading or modifying any application in the Android device are removed with administrative rights. Rooting your Android mobile phone is not required to install PhoneSheriff.

What device activities are logged?
PhoneSheriff logs all major device activities like Call History, Text Messages, GPS, Notes Logs, Contacts, Photos, Applications Installed, Websites Visited, Memos, Calendar Entries, and much more. Some logging features may vary from one operating system to another. Click here for more details. PhoneSheriff also helps in filtering and generates alerts on profanity and tampering.

What are the SMS commands?
SMS commands are those commands that when sent from any mobile device to the monitored device triggers real time monitoring activities. For more details, refer your user guide.

What are time restrictions?
Automatically lock the device during certain time periods of each day. You can choose to lock the entire device OR lock only the ability to make calls during the restricted time.

Does the monitored device require internet access?
Yes. To insert all mobile device activity logs to our online control panel, the monitored device does require internet access. Yet the non-internet functions like SMS commands (Lock/unlock device, GPS location, device Wipe) will work.

I have more questions.
For detailed information and questions, contact our Support. You can find more helpful details on the support page. We will be glad to help you with clearing all your doubts and troubleshooting. You can contact by email or call directly to our representative.

After registering and creating my account.
If you have not yet bought and added PhoneSheriff license(s), you can buy it from online control panel. Click on Login >>> Purchase >>> Add License. Add the license bought and click on Submit to verify. Type the build URL in the device browser and install PhoneSheriff.

Can I register after downloading PhoneSheriff?
Yes, registration for your PhoneSheriff account after purchasing and downloading PhoneSheriff license is equally possible as registering before purchasing the license.

For how long are the logs stored online?
The copies of the logged reports are safely kept for 30 days in our database. Apart from this, logs older than 30 days are auto-deleted as a part of system maintenance.

Why and how to create a backup and/or restore?
Create a backup of the smartphone or tablet information to keep with you if in case the device gets lost or stolen. Restore factory settings on the device from the control panel. To create a backup, login in to the online control panel. Click on My Device>>> Check information back and factory re-settings.

What kind of alerts are generated in PhoneSheriff?
PhoneSheriff sends alerts to you when bad and rude words enter in the monitored device particularly through TEXTS and EMAILS. Below are the types of alerts.

Profanity Alerts: Alerts on usage of profane or abusive words entering the monitored mobile device.

Custom Alerts: Set your own list of unwanted words and get alerts.

Intrusion Alerts: Get intrusion alerts on the web panel when wrong PIN and SMS commands are tried repetitively on the monitored mobile device.

Geo-fencing Alerts: Get alerts whenever your child's geo-fencing perimeter is breached.

How will I see the device's activities?
You can see all your child's activities, control and monitor them by logging in your online control panel.

Is it possible to switch my license from one device to another?
One license allows you to monitor up to three devices. However if you need to move a license, yes, it is very easy to switch your license of monitoring one device to another. Just uninstall PhoneSheriff from the old device and install onto the new device. Then verify the new device from the online control panel to be monitored.

Must I have access to the device to install?
Yes. You are required to have direct access the to-be monitored mobile device and install PhoneSheriff MANUALLY onto it. It is quite easy and completes just within 15 minutes.

How do I bring up PhoneSheriff on the device?
You can bring up PhoneSheriff on the device by tapping the app icon and entering your username/password. The app icon is tamper-proof so it cannot be deleted by your child.

Can I use SMS commands from any phone?
Yes. You can use any other phone to send the SMS commands. The other phone does not need any special software or have PhoneSheriff installed on it to be compatible. It just needs to be able to send a regular SMS text message. In case of BlackBerry, the other phone's number should be saved on the Whitelist of the monitored BlackBerry phone.

Can I switch SIM cards?
Yes. You can switch from an old SIM to a new SIM. But while using the new SIM, ensure to use the new mobile number while sending the SMS commands.

Will my service provider be compatible with PhoneSheriff?
Service providers like AT&T and Verizon may have some restrictions on your device for downloading and installing certain third-party applications. So, it is recommended to check with your carrier to ensure about any sort of limitation(s). Apart from this our software works with any device with an unrestricted GPRS internet connection.

Is it possible to monitor multiple devices with one license?
Yes. You can purchase a single license and monitor up to three devices. You can monitor all of the devices in a single online control panel.

I have forgotten my account password.
Open the PhoneSheriff login page in your computer browser. Click on Forgot Password >>> Type email ID >>> Click on Send Password. Check your email ID for your new password. Later change it from My Account from inside online control panel.

PhoneSheriff is still not working after installing into my device.
Try rebooting the device after installation in the device. SWITCH IT OFF and after 30 seconds POWER IT BACK ON.

What do I do if I forget my PIN?
Refer the user guide that came with your purchase, if it is default PIN. But if you have changed it and forgotten then you can factory reset the settings. Login into your online control panel. Click on My Phones >>> Factory reset settings. The PIN would reset to the default one.

Help! I don't have a compatible device.
Drop us a question at our Helpdesk or check all other recommendations given on the website to find out compatibility of your device with PhoneSheriff. Still if you face problem, you can speak to our support executives.

It does not store the old photos after 1GB. Help!
The basic PhoneSheriff account stores 1GB of disk space. When the level of photos goes beyond that, only the most recent information will show to user account. If you wish to store more photos then purchase a storage upgrade subscription.

5GB of additional storage for $39.97 per year

After purchasing the storage upgrade, you will receive a registration code in your email.
Login to the PhoneSheriff Online Control Panel.
About halfway down the page, click the Upgrade Now button.
Then enter your registration code for the storage upgrade in the text field and click Submit.

To upgrade, is software reinstallation required?
Yes. To use the new upgraded software, you are required to uninstall the old version and install the new version.

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Any GSM or CDMA carrier. Includes T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T and most others.
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