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Now you can quickly see PhoneSheriff in action before you register. Simply click START DEMO below to access the live demo. There you will be able to view example results and get a feel for the interface. When you are finished, simply click logout.



What is the PhoneSheriff Demo Account?

imageThe user login on this page is for demonstration purposes only. You use it to login and see an example of how it would look to view your child's phone or tablet activities with our program. As you will see by logging into the control panel above, our features and functionality can't be beat. If you need to monitor your child's phone or tablet, this program's for you. PhoneSheriff Uses ...

It doesn't matter if they try to delete their tracks by deleting their call logs or SMS logs. This flexible software still logs, filters and restricts. You will be able to view the logs inside the interface on the phone OR the much easier method of checking the logs online in your secure control panel. This secure control panel's demo is above.

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Device Requirements
Any compatible Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
iPad and Android tablet.
GPS tracking requires GPS enabled device.
Compatibility Details
Compatible Phone Carriers
Any GSM or CDMA carrier. Includes T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T and most others.
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