What Parents Should Know About the Vine App

Smartphones are just about the closest companion to most teenagers in the 21st century. Roughly 4 out of 5 teens spend most of their idle hours alone working on their smartphones. It leaves many parents scratching their heads wondering what their children are up to.

Vine is a video-chat app that is also connected to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In this app, users are able to invite their friends from other social networks. The app was founded in June, 2012 by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll, and was acquired in October, 2012 by the mighty micro-blogging website Twitter. Vine was officially launched on January, 24, 2013 for iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad as a free app. This app can also be used on Android smartphones and tablets as well.

What Exactly Does Vine App Do?

The Vine app allows users to create and share videos from their smartphone or tablet. Vine users can create video clips through the device’s camera directly from the Vine app and upload them from there as well. Users can also post music, comedy and other short-form videos. Vine videos are short and usually only last a few seconds. Videos uploaded in this app can also be watched on your Twitter accounts, following their format of lots of information in a small space. Xbox Live members can also access Vine videos, further expanding the audiences reached. Vine has a loop count which helps users see the number of times a video has been viewed once it has been posted. The app allows users to shift to new videos and sounds of different kinds by connecting people in similar social circles.

Why Do People Like This App?

People are able to share their fun moments, entertainment and news by using the free Vine app. The app is fun for both the creators of the content as well as those who take in the content. Artists, comedians and journalists have also used the app to gain popularity or spread the word about their endeavors. Musicians from all over the world use Vine as a way to promote their music to a global audience quickly. Cinematographers and animators also enjoy the app and the challenges presented in making great short video clips.

In April of 2013, the app became the most downloaded free app in the world. Vine app was also among Timen6xi10vr_sdfsfpss 50-Best Android Apps that year. Vine for Kids was launched in January 2015 in order to try and keep a general filter on the types of content that is generated. By December 2015 the app had 200 million users.

Why Parents Should be Cautious

Online predators, nudity and other dangerous materials can surely be exposed to your children. This goes with almost any online activity that is out there. The app has claimed to be “age-appropriate” by separating content for adults and children, yet the app has been a base for criticism and bullying on the basis of what children post. This is because the app cannot inherently prevent posted videos from reaching the wrong audience.

Immediately after its launch, the app was criticized for its handling or lack of dealing with pornography. Since there are no real filters on what is posted or viewed with this app, teens access can these videos without being followed. The videos affect their emotions, feelings and behavior. Young people also make friends with people who have no respect for morals. Such people disturb their minds by sharing awful videos.

Emergency rooms have also seen the negative results of dangerous stunts gone wrong. Daredevils now have a global platform where whoever does the craziest stunt will get the most attention, and then fame and fortune will follow. Without professional training, safety is usually not a priority and children make costly mistakes in vain attempts to become popular on Vine feeds.

How Can Parents Keep Their Children Safe?

To keep their children safe online, parents should keep track of the apps their children have on their smartphones. Parents should also only allow their children to install apps that they have checked out and approved themselves. Smartphone technology is new for everyone. The best way to learn about how your children are using a smartphone or tablet is to have them set up an account for you on your personal smartphone or tablet so you can join the experience as well. This opens the door for open communication about certain bad situations they might face and also gives parents a better idea of the types of issues to look out for. Another way to learn about how your child uses the smartphone is by using PhoneSheriff.

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