What Parents Need to Know About the ask.fm App

Fads and trendy gimmicks have existed for generations. Lately, modern fads exist online in the form of apps that are downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. An app called ask.fm is one particular craze which has been used for entertainment value but also for directing negative attention towards people simply for the sake of being mean. Users of ask.fm will post anonymous questions for people around the globe to answer. Each user can also browse through other questions to see if they can provide any input or advice as well.

People use ask.fm to either learn more about people or ask questions while expecting responses from other individuals either in a soft, true, rude or mean way. Currently, in 2016, ask.fm has more than 60 million active users and most are under the age of 19. With that said, it comes as no surprise that ask.fm is one of the Top 10 most downloaded apps.

What is ask.fm?

To put it short, ask.fm is an app that allows users ask questions to any person with the choice of being anonymous or as an identified user. Although many individuals use ask.fm to entertain themselves, critics say that it can simply be used as a platform for cyberbullying. Nonetheless, according to its developers, ask.fm is a beneficial social tool because it enables people to find out what others think about them and build upon weaknesses after learning constructive criticism through the obscurity of the site.

According to ask.fmn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss website: At ask.fm, our premise is simple: we believe questions and answers are the building blocks of conversation, self-expression and deeper understanding. As the only global social network built on a Q&A format, we are a bit different from other services you might use. How you engage with friends and express yourself on ask.fm is done through the lens of what your social connections are curious to learn about you. Through the natural exchange of questions and answers, ask.fm aims to be a safe, fun and engaging place for learning more about yourself and exploring the social world around you.

What is ask.fm used for?

The inconspicuousness and inherent anonymity of ask.fm enables individuals to ask questions or write comments devoid of social concerns. For the reason that a user doesnn6xi10vr_sdfsfpst need an account to write messages to other persons, it is barely impossible to understand who wrote what lest the person who asked chooses to disclose his or her name or identity. This characteristic excludes the head-on looks of disdain or embarrassment that results from uncommon questions.

Why do people like ask.fm?

With ask.fm an individual can get to learn more about others from different classes, grades and social groups by their answers or responses. This approach can be used to sort out or clarify rumors by finding out about an individualn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss thoughts, getting to learn a personn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss interest and stands on issues, among other benefits. Users every so often receive acclamation and praises about special potentials and achievements, hence they get to find out what others think about them via the questions and statements asked.
Questions are great tools used to help people understand that there are others who care about their lives, and in case of negative answers, comments or questions, can be used to build upon flaws.

Reasons why parents and guardians should take a second look.

There are a lot of dangers that teens face on ask.fm. Generally, todayn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss teens have their lives tied in the digital age, and are often far more tech-savvy than their parents and guardians. Based on that, it is very important for every parent to understand the technology landscape and train their kids about the hidden dangers and proper uses of the Internet and social media.

Parents and students are being warned by school heads about the dangers of ask.fm and other rapidly growing social media sites that puts our kids at risk of nasty anonymous abuse. And as far as ask.fm is concerned, several schools have already sent letters advising parents and pupils about ask.fm, which has since been ranked as one of the leading cyberbullying platforms.

Because of its anonymous nature, ask.fm has received great deals of bad press because people can use the site to cyberbully users by sending hurtful messages. Besides, because of its anonymity, questions often turn sexually explicit. In most instances, ask.fm has been regarded as a public gateway to private conversations because conversations that start on ask.fm donn6xi10vr_sdfsfpst necessarily stay on ask.fm.

So, if youn6xi10vr_sdfsfpsre a parent or guardian, I would advise talking your children about online safety and cyberbullying and advising them on how they can stay safe on ask.fm. There may be certain security measures that ask.fm have put in place, such as reporting harassing messages for investigations. But there are still several tools you can use as a parent to ensure you kids online safety. For example, you can use the ask.fm tracker or simply install parental control software such as our own PhoneSheriff to block access to sites and apps that allow for easy cyberbullying, access to explicit material or provide gateways to unsafe exchange of information.

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