The Importance of Establishing a Positive Reputation Online Early

Students have access to a wide range of social media sites that are outlets for their creativity and expressing themselves. Yet, when it comes to future endeavors, such as going to college or starting a career, their online reputation will greatly impact their chances.

For example, two students have great GPAs, extracurricular activities, and are candidates for the same position. If an admissions office does a Google search of these students, what is going to come up? One has pictures of them in suggestive positions or partying, where the other has family pictures or pictures of volunteering. Chances are the latter is going to be picked because of their positive online reputation.

So often we focus on the bad aspects of the internet, how dangerous it can be and how it can negatively impact our teens’ lives. What we also need to talk about is how to turn that negative into a positive. Instead of saying, donn6xi10vr_sdfsfpst do this or donn6xi10vr_sdfsfpst that, try giving examples of what they should be doing and posting.

Community Service

Social networks have allowed us to connect with the world in ways we never thought possible, and our teens can use that to their advantage. Volunteering is a great way to connect with the community. One simple way your teen can get involved is to search for local organizations on Facebook, like their page, and attend their next activity. Another way to find opportunities on Facebook is search specific organizations, such as local pet shelters, soup kitchens, or other interests your teen has. Once your teen has liked these pages, if anyone scrolls through their Facebook, or they are tagged in the photos, it will show up on their timeline. This sends a positive message to not only admissions officers and future employers, but to their peers as well.

Professional Listing

Another way of establishing a positive reputation online early can be helpful is through posting the studentn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss resume online. Social media sites such as LinkedIn are a great way for students to get their name out there and start networking with business people with their same interests. The earlier they start, the more likely they are to build a solid foundation so that when potential employers do search on LinkedIn for them, they have already built a positive platform for themselves.

Personal Website or Blog

Blogging is another tool for teens to use when establishing a positive online reputation. Blogging can be done for free on various websites, such as WordPress or Tumblr. This is a way for your student to have a positive outlet for their creativity. They may write poetry, song lyrics, post their artwork, or daily thoughts. One thing to be careful of is offensive or content that may be controversial. Encourage the student to speak their mind in a positive manner, and avoid online drama that comes along with using various social media sites as an outlet.

There are common mistakes that are made when using social media sites. 500 executives were polled on these common mistakes and the top two they found were people providing too much information, and those who were not positing or updating their profile enough. There is definitely a balance to be had here, as you donn6xi10vr_sdfsfpst want your teen updating their information with things that are not relevant or interesting, yet the profile should not lay dormant for months. Talk to your teen about posting positive images, quotes, relevant information to what is going on in the world, things that interest them, and basically anything that shows their personality. Future employers will look at their profile and see positive, uplifting imagery that lets your studentn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss personality shine through, which will ultimately give them an edge to get into the college of their choice or land their dream job.

Teaching your child about the importance of establishing a positive online reputation early in life can lead to exceptional online management skills, greater opportunities, and open many doors. Talk to your child early on and show them how to effectively use social media as a positive outlet, instead of only warning them about the negative effects. By creating a balance and open dialogue, your student will feel more comfortable and confident in their ability to understand how to create a positive reputation on their own.

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