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Teens Cyber Bullying [INFOGRAPHIC]

Teens Cyber Bullying [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bullying is everywhere today, and even more common now is cyber bullying. You may think most teens and young kids are not aware of just how dangerous cyber bullying is, but surprisingly, you’d be wrong. 68% of teens today are aware of and agree that cyber bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

So why is cyber bullying so common and growing in popularity? Most likely, its growth is partly due to the fact that 81% of teens and young kids today believe that bullying someone online is a lot easier to get away with rather than doing it face-to-face. Also, studies have shown that in most cases, kids can get away with it because no one knows they are bullying someone except the actual person who is the victim of their bullying.

The following Teens Cyber Bullying infographic shows just how much teens and young kids are participating in this mean spirited and dangerous trend, and how it affects their victims. Cyber bullying is even practiced on smartphones of kids these days, it is up to parents to ensure their teens are using their phones safely, responsibly, and are not causing pain and harm to others.

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For the full-resolution version of this infographic, click here.

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