Smartphone, Tablet, Computer and Internet Usage Agreement

Smartphones and tablets are often given to children without much discussion as to what is expected from their online behavior. In order for parents to make sure that their children are safe, they need to be aware of the types of activities they conduct online, who they are talking to and what is being discussed. Parents will often fall behind the curve when they do not ask enough questions or do not establish guidelines prior to issuing a smartphone, tablet or computer to their child. By establishing an agreement ahead of time, parents and children are able to meet on common grounds to make sure that smartphones, tablets, computers and other internet devices are being used appropriately.

Here is an example of a contract or agreement which will allow parents to discuss their concerns and allow children the opportunity to be heard on topics which concern them. With this agreement, a child can learn the importance of a contract and being held accountable for their actions. Once a good foundation is set, there are likely to be less surprises or mistakes in the future. You can read the smartphone, tablet, computer and internet agreement below, or click the image below to print it out and review it together with your children.

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The Smartphone, Tablet, Computer and Internet Agreement



Smartphones and tablets are small yet powerful tools. They can be used in a lot of different ways, but they are dangerous if used improperly. This agreement outlines what the parent and the child can expect of each other in regards to safely using smartphones, tablets, computers or other internet enabled devices.




These are the basic responsibilities I have to my family when using internet enabled devices. Also, these are basic courtesies to show respect and appreciation for the privilege to use such devices. I agree to abide by these rules in exchange for permission to use a smartphone, tablet, computer or other internet enabled device.


1. I acknowledge that my parents can revoke phone, computer, tablet or internet privileges at any time and I will stop using a device when asked.

2. I will not break things. Under no circumstances will a smartphone, tablet or computer be thrown, smashed, doused, burned, defaced, vandalized, taken apart or otherwise intentionally destroyed.

3. I will not ignore people around me while I am using a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones and tablets are not to be used at meal times and are not to be used when someone is talking to me.

4. I will not install an app without discussing it with a parent first. I will check with my parents to show them how the app works and make sure that it is safe to use.

5. I will not use a smartphone, tablet, computer or other internet enabled device to incur any fees without permission from my parents.

6. Internet connected devices are not to be used behind closed doors. Smartphones and tablets are to be left in a designated area at night or when not in use.

7. I will not chat, text, call or email with someone who I do not know in real life. I will be able to explain to my parents each person on a friends list or address book and how each person knows me.

8. We all have the same types of social media accounts. I will not post things that I do not want my parents, relatives or anyone else in the world to see.

9. No nudity will be viewed, captured, shared or sent from a smartphone, tablet, computer or other internet device.

10. I will not use a smartphone, tablet, computer or other internet device to taunt, ridicule or threaten others. I will inform a parent of any threats or inappropriate behavior directed towards me or towards our family.

11. I give consent for my parents to monitor with parental control software all activities and locations of smart devices, phones, computers or tablets which I use while under their guardianship. I understand that my parents will log in from the internet to see how the devices have been used. I will not try to uninstall, tamper or bypass the monitoring or parental control features that my parents have set in place.


By signing this agreement, I agree that I understand each of the sections outlined and that I will adhere to the guidelines set forth. I acknowledge that failure to abide by these guidelines may result in termination of the agreement and an indefinite suspension of smartphone and internet privileges.


Signature: _________________________Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Date: _____________




I agree to provide my child with access to smartphones, tablets, computers and other internet enabled devices based on the conditions of this agreement. I will make efforts to understand how these devices are being used and look out for any possible risks associated with the use of different technologies. I will support my child and address any concerns they may have and will do my best to provide them with correct answers to point them in the right direction.


Signature: _________________________Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Date: _____________


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