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Racy Apps and Photos Need Software to Monitor Phone

Racy Apps and Photos Need Software to Monitor Phone

The twenty teens have seen a boom in apps flooding in the smartphone market. There are apps for those who wish to watch news, weather, sports, games, check Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. There are apps for those also who want to privately chat or wish to send their own unobjectionable photos over the internet.

The new feeling to have found love over the phone among tweens and teens is driving parents to question their own skills in parenting and most of them have enough reasons to monitor mobile usage. Some apps like Snapchat and Fancy Snap allow users especially kids to share all kinds of photos thinking that those will be deleted in a set time frame. Experts have found flaws in that as well stating that sometimes these photos don’t get deleted, and anyone can decide to capture the screenshots so they can easily be circulated to a wide group of people.

Feelings like fear, revenge, jealously and insecurity among kids is usually high in young age and sometimes these can drive them to get involved in strange choices which have adverse consequences. The case files of many tweens committing suicides tell a similar tale and its only parents who can find out what all is taking place on the internet and social media on their phone with an excellent parental control software service like PhoneSheriff for mobile phones.

This parental monitoring software has many unique features of content filtering and logging activities. Parents would not miss on any aspect of their kids’ internet actions as all websites, emails, chats, IMs, contacts and apps are recorded and their shadow copies get uploaded to the parent’s personal online control panel.

The biggest benefit of PhoneSheriff is that the monitoring software runs in complete stealth mode on the phone. This gives you a chance to find out the problems that could triple if not handled well in time.

If there is a problem of worrying about which monitoring software is compatible with the phone and which is not then parents and users will also enjoy ease with that as well. PhoneSheriff supports major smartphone OS like iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

With the option of blocking inappropriate web and phone content parents have a choice to block all pornography websites, Facebook, certain apps like Snapchat, etc. One can block malicious contacts, have time restriction over phone usage and also have real-time tracking. Real-time tracking means parents can view all call history info, GPS logs, websites, SMS text messages, apps, calendar updates, photos and videos plus much more IN CURRENT TIME! Have the superior monitoring services at your finger tips anywhere, anytime with PhoneSheriff which is ‘the’ smart way to keep kids safe.

Jennifer Graham

Writer at PhoneSheriff
Jennifer is a senior writer with the PhoneSheriff team. She enjoys writing short stories in her spare time, walking her dogs, cooking on the grill, listening to music and hanging out with her friends and loved ones.
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