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PhoneSheriff Parental Control Notifications

There is no hiding.

PhoneSheriff is a safe and effective way for parents to feel secure when their children are using technologies. With so many unknowns, it is assuring to know that you can provide the tools they want and set them to be used on your terms. Smartphones and tablets can be wonderful tools, and they can also be dangerous gateways. That is why PhoneSheriff is there to provide the resource necessary for parents who want to make sure they are being used safely.

When PhoneSheriff is installed on a smart device with Android, iOS or BlackBerry, there will be a visible icon where the child can go to Check-in or send out a Panic Alert. The parent can enter the password protected Admin Login section which will allow them to configure the settings of the application. Parents can restrict websites, set up alerts for certain words or contacts, or change reporting options. Parents can decide to be notified if the device is within a certain area or goes outside of another one.

PhoneSheriff provides parents the ability to take control of their smartphones and tablets when providing them to their underage children. With PhoneSheriff, parents can restrict applications and which numbers the device communicates with. Parents can also set time restrictions on which functions can be used and at what time. PhoneSheriff also monitors all activities and the latest GPS locations.

PhoneSheriff is not spyware or spy software. For protection of all users of the device, the software notifies users that the communication activities, data collection and geolocation of the device are actively being monitored. This lets the child know that objectionable activity will not go unnoticed, and prevents questions as to the source of your knowledge.

Only parents and employers can use PhoneSheriff. There are specific guidelines for each of them. Use of the software in other circumstances is not allowed. Your child can be secure with the knowledge that you are watching out for them. You are the owner of the smartphone or tablet, and you are also responsible for how the device is used. Users of your device should know that misuse will not be tolerated.

Businesses can also benefit from the restrictions provided with PhoneSheriff. With a smartphone operating system, businesses can now ensure that company-provided devices are only used during approved times. This prevents employees from using up airtime for personal matters and provides a reputable record if it is found that misuse has occurred.

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