Not Spyware, Stalkerware or Malware

Our child and employee monitoring software is not spyware because it shows up as an icon and in the Installed Apps list. Our software is not stealth, malware or stalkerware. At any time anyone can go on their Android to Settings > General > Apps and look for any of these four:

  • Mobile Spy
  • PhoneSheriff
  • TeenShield
  • Net Orbit

If you see any of them let us know and we will tell you how to remove it.

How to Stay Protected

Most companies won’t give you instructions on how to remove it or whether or not their app is even installed on your device. It would be important to note to the people who have uneasiness about any computer security or concerns about the presence of malware is that the sure way to remove ANY app is to do a factory reset of the device. No installed app will remain after a factory reset.

Additionally, if your device is an iPhone, there is no way to install monitoring software without first jailbreaking. You will know if your device is jailbroken by checking for Cydia in the Finder app. There is no jailbreak for iOS versions higher than iOS 9.0.2 so if your iOS version is higher than that then you will not be jailbroken and none of the software would be on it. You can update your iCloud password and backup settings if any are present on your device as you would do with any email, banking or cloud-based service account.

If you find any of our installed apps, there will be an installation ID to verify the account. You can provide us with that installation ID and we will be able to cooperate with you towards a resolution.

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