Monitoring Employee and Student Computers Increases Productivity

In businesses and in schools, there are usually plenty of computers which are under the oversight of the institution. Each company or school has its own set of guidelines and purposes for providing the computers that are being used. Whenever there are multiple users utilizing a network, it becomes difficult for managerial staff to keep a watchful eye over all of the activities taking place. Net Orbit is the solution for administrators who are tasked with keeping watch over considerable amounts of computers in order to see what types of activities are taking place.

In the workplace, employees are expected to remain productive and use their attention to focus on the tasks at hand. In schools, computers are provided as a means for research, education or for public access to certain sites, utilities or programs. It is quickly realized that users left unsupervised can wreak havoc on an infrastructure, regardless of users’ intentions. By keeping logs on how each computer is used, an administrator can determine which actions are causing disruption. Net Orbit allows managers to notice and then set restrictions on undesirable behaviors.

A Net Orbit client is installed to each of the computers on a company network or in a place of learning. From there, the network administrator can then login to a secure online account which will provide access to the logs of each computer which is running their client. The logs provide details from each computer and all of the users that have signed in to them. Administrators can see each application that was used, any websites visited, documents accessed and printed, clipboard and pasteboard data, files and folders that are changed, instant messenger logs and more.

A Net Orbit account is designed to allow network administrators to view multiple computer screens at once, or zoom in on any particular user to get a better view. The online account keeps screenshot logs at set intervals and provides admin tools such as sending commands to a computer in order to shut down, sign out or restart a computer remotely. Net Orbit also gives admins the ability to block websites and applications which are deemed inappropriate or unnecessary, and they can ask to be alerted whenever blocked activity is pursued. Logs can be downloaded, backed up and printed up for filing disciplinary actions and compliance needs.

Both businesses and schools outline a specific set of rules and terms for individuals before they are granted permission to utilize the network or its facilities. Net Orbit reinforces the usage agreements and a small icon in the system tray reminds users of the commitment they agreed to when they started using associated computers. The client interface on each computer can only be configured or uninstalled after the Net Orbit username and password are successfully entered into the client login, and the Net Orbit client will run every time the computer starts up for consistent and uninterrupted monitoring abilities.

Visiting the Net Orbit website at will provide the complete overview of Net Orbit and its capabilities. Net Orbit will work for any business or school and functions on any Windows or Mac OS X computer currently in use. The Net Orbit client is available as a free download for administrators to create a trial account before deciding on purchasing a subscription. Licensing packages are available to suit any number of computers and monitoring capabilities are scalable for any size network.

Net Orbit protects businesses and places of education against wasted productivity, rogue activity and malicious intent. Network administrators are encouraged to give Net Orbit a try and see how easy it can be to keep watch over their entire network from any web browser.

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