Monitor Workplace Computers Online for Free

When the boss is away, workers will play. So goes the mantra as employers balance security, morale and productivity when managing a business. For many businesses, it is either difficult or just outright impossible to keep an eye on how each computer is being used at any given time. The solution is employee monitoring software which will keep logs on how each company computer is being used while providing live access to each of the workers’ screens as they work throughout the day.

Employee monitoring software comes in many shapes and sizes. There are employee monitoring programs which may only pay attention to a small aspect about how the company computer is being used and there are those which provide great detail about employee computer use to the employer while providing employers with the ability to block certain websites and applications to make sure that only the appropriate activities are taking place at work.

Employee monitoring software is important for any business. In addition to lost productivity due to fooling around, there are security and liability issues for businesses large and small which should include employee monitoring software as part of the plan for integrating security measures with workplace computers.

Workers can be malicious, juvenile or often uninformed when it comes to conducting themselves professionally on a workplace computer. These actions can be costly to a company in the event that a computer is infected with a virus or someone is unhappy with how they are being treated. Employers must evaluate the costs involved when implementing security measures, and often times employee monitoring software makes it to the bottom of the priority list behind anti-virus protection and firewall infrastructure.

With this in mind, Net Orbit makes it easy for any business large or small to integrate employee monitoring software with their security programs by allowing businesses to use Net Orbit for free on up to three company computers. Small businesses do not need a large budget to have the same monitoring and restriction protections as the big leaguers. Even medium to large sized businesses should not need to devote large sums of money just to be able to see what is going on in their company. Net Orbit is the reliable and affordable solution for companies to monitor, restrict and control their company computers.

With a free subscription to Net Orbit, employers can:

  • Log screenshots of each worker’s Mac or Windows computer to see how the machine is being used throughout the day
  • Review websites visited from any browser on any workplace computer
  • Keep a list of all of the applications and programs used on each company computer
  • See which files were changed
  • View the text copied and pasted, and where they were pasted to
  • Check every time each company computer logs off and logs back in
  • See all instant messages
  • Review documents that are printed
  • Check the approximate location of the IP address which the company computer is using
  • Restrict access to certain websites
  • Block applications or games from being used on the company computers
  • Send commands to Power Off, Restart or Log off

Net Orbit is an online service for employers. Employers register online for a Net Orbit account where they will be able to access logs of company computers from any web browser on any computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access. From there, the employer downloads the Net Orbit client and installs it on each workplace computer to be monitored. Once Net Orbit is installed, it syncs with the employer’s online account and keeps logs for the employer to review later. Net Orbit will begin each time the computer starts and allows employers to review how each and every employee is using the company’s computers.

Net Orbit is employee monitoring software which can work for any business, large or small and even works for businesses with multiple locations or businesses which have mobile employees using company laptops. Net Orbit is free for up to three company computers, but it can easily manage large setups as well. With a paid subscription, supervisors can view each worker’s screen live, either one at a time or the entire business as a whole. Employers can purchase as many licenses as they need and access logs from any computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.

With Net Orbit, employers gain peace of mind knowing that they have control of their business. Employers should always notify employees that their activities are being monitored. Net Orbit settings are password protected on each company computer behind an icon in the system tray, so there is no need to worry about Net Orbit being bypassed. Generally speaking, workers will remain on their best behavior and there will be fewer incidents once they are aware that their activities are being monitored. There’s no need to wait. Employers can get started today and monitor up to three company computers absolutely free. See how easy and affordable it is to increase productivity and maintain compliance with Net Orbit.

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