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Monitor Teens Who Cover Their Smartphone Tracks

Monitor Teens Who Cover Their Smartphone Tracks

If you have a teenager, then you are well aware of how difficult it is to keep up with them and everything they are doing, especially on their smartphones. Almost 80% of US teens today own a cell phone, and 50% of all of those are a smartphone. Today, a smartphone is capable of doing so many thing; things that are beneficial, as well as things that can pose potential dangers if not used properly.

Many teens are masters at hiding things on their smartphone from their parents. These teens can hide everything from staying up all night talking on the phone, texting/chatting with strangers they just met, visiting questionable sites on their phone, taking/uploading inappropriate photos, etc. Teens can easily delete their photos after taking/uploading them, delete the browser history, or erase all messages they’ve received and sent. So how are parents supposed to keep up with their teens and find out the truth about things that they are doing on their smartphone?

The best way for parents to monitor and keep tabs on their teens who try to cover their tracks on their phone is to install smartphone monitoring and parental control software such as PhoneSheriff. This program has been the go to software for many parents, and is the #1 rated cell phone monitoring software by TopTenREVIEWS for several years.

After parents install the PhoneSheriff software directly onto the smartphone of their teen, it begins to not only monitor what teens are doing, but also gives parents the ability to put an end to something they don’t want their teens doing. For example, let’s say PhoneSheriff records some phone call information from really late at night when the teens were supposed to be sleep; the parents will now know for sure their teens are up all hours of the night on the phone, and can implement time restrictions so it doesn’t continue. Below are some more examples of PhoneSheriff features/options and how parents can benefit from using this monitoring and parental control software.

♦ Website History: Parents can view all internet sites that teens have visited on their smartphone, even ones they’ve deleted after viewing. Parents can even block any inappropriate websites as they see fit.
Blocking Apps: If parents recognize any questionable apps in the list of installed apps, they can block all access to those apps and teens won’t be able to use them.
GPS Tracking: PhoneSheriff uses the GPS signal of the monitored smartphone to show users where teens have been with the phone. Parents can even set up a Geo-Fence to be alerted anytime their teens go outside a pre-determined virtual fence.
Contacts: PhoneSheriff also allows parents to block any numbers they wish. This will prevent teens from receiving calls/texts or calling/sending texts to any number they desire.
Remote Monitoring: This allows parents to keep track of their teens and young kids from any distance. Users will simply need to login to a secured online account from any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device with internet access.

We all know teens try to cover their tracks when doing things they know their parents wouldn’t approve of. With PhoneSheriff, covering their tracks on their smartphone just got a lot harder to do and monitoring smartphone activities just got a lot easier for parents.

Jennifer Graham

Writer at PhoneSheriff
Jennifer is a senior writer with the PhoneSheriff team. She enjoys writing short stories in her spare time, walking her dogs, cooking on the grill, listening to music and hanging out with her friends and loved ones.
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