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Internet Filters and Kids Ways to Beat Them

Internet Filters and Kids Ways to Beat Them

It is not that all kids would want to bypass security protocols placed by their parent or school authorities and try to get access to objectionable internet content. However, it is fairly possible that once kids try to access something which is inaccessible, it incites the child to see the content of the websites. Many a times a child might want to search something he became curious about or heard in his/her friend’s circle or just got interested in a topic by themselves that they might want to learn about it online. This is a time when he/she would try to overcome internet filtering controls.

Kids can easily use the IP address to access web pages and it is very simple to get them with internet. Then all one has to do is get the IP address of certain blocked websites or use a proxy server which acts more as a private server for unmonitored internet browsing. Our kids can do P-to-P file sharing and use apps like WhatsApp that seem so normal. They can easily receive naked or porn photos of each other and watch inappropriate internet content.

User generated internet pages like Wikis and blogs can’t be completely filtered out as they are just for information. Filtering also works on domain names. Many kids have learned the tricks of tricking a parent by using alias names on Facebook. Sometimes they work together in groups gathering info on different subjects. There are those talented bunches of kids who are technically very sound but use their knowledge for other devious ways like identity theft, hacking into other’s accounts, spreading threats, etc. and many are barely even in their teens.

Stop their Menaces before Making Guesses on Harm Done

I can only name a few things that should be banned for tweens and teens online, that includes thousands of internet pages and information. It is a better choice to know what all they are doing on the internet and accessing online that we can keep tabs on their usage history. The need to log every activity on smartphones like Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone is the key to stop them from becoming habitual to access the prohibited.

One such software that logs all smartphone activities is the unbeatable PhoneSheriff that provides complete smartphone activity logging and filtering features. It comes with remote GPS tracking and the option of locking, unlocking and setting off a siren remotely in times of emergency like lost or stolen. This monitoring software can filter internet websites, apps, and even contacts. Parents can decide the right time for kids to fully utilize all the functions of their smartphone phone and when they can’t. They can limit the option of calling during driving a vehicle, during school hours or late at night.

With PhoneSheriff’s custom alerts feature for improper language and mature content, parents will immediately be notified via a text message if their kids tried to access such material on their smartphones. They will be informed even if  someone else tries to access the phone illegally and puts a wrong PIN or password. PhoneSheriff logs everything from URLs, to SMS text messages, apps installed, photos, videos, calls, calendar details, GPS info and more. Unbelievable but true, parents can even remotely uninstall the software from the monitored phone, restore or take backup of the phone after installed. With this amazing parental control software parents will receive a ground breaking smartphone monitoring tool for the coming generation.

Jennifer Graham

Writer at PhoneSheriff
Jennifer is a senior writer with the PhoneSheriff team. She enjoys writing short stories in her spare time, walking her dogs, cooking on the grill, listening to music and hanging out with her friends and loved ones.
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