How to Protect Your Kids from Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a serious problem affecting many adolescents today. Sadly, 90 percent of kids suffering from cyberbullying do not inform their parents. Cyberbullying has serious ill effects on victims. It can cause lack of self-esteem, inattentiveness and severe depression. As parents, itn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss imperative that you know how to protect your kids from cyberbullying

Accessible forms of technology like smartphones and computers make children prone to cyberbullying. As long as they have these, it wonn6xi10vr_sdfsfpst be long before they get hooked on the enchanting world of the Internet. They are free to enter all kinds of websites and create their online presence through social media. However, this also means theyn6xi10vr_sdfsfpsre exposing themselves to online hazards like scams, identity theft, and of course, cyberbullying. Heren6xi10vr_sdfsfpss how you can help:

Get involved

Do you often monitor your kidsn6xi10vr_sdfsfps progress in school? Are you aware of the people they hang out with? If you do this often, then it makes sense to go the extra mile by monitoring their online activities as well. Getting involved in your kidsn6xi10vr_sdfsfps online activities is one of the first steps you have to take as an informed parent. You need to know what sites they regularly visit, the kind of online buddies they have, and what apps they use on their smartphones.

For instance, you can add or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This way you can monitor who their online friends are, what they talk about, and other interesting things that you wonn6xi10vr_sdfsfpst normally know by just talking to your kids.

Keep communication lines open

Your children would think youn6xi10vr_sdfsfpsre invading their privacy and get mad at you if you were spying on them or digging for dirt so that you could punish them for doing something wrong. In order to avoid spying on your child, you need to have a heart to heart talk with them. Start by explaining that you are providing oversight which is a burden but a responsibility you must bare as a parent. Then explain the different dangers you are concerned about such as cyberbullying. Cite examples as to how it can affect their personality, school performance, and relationship with other people. Emphasize to them that you are always there to listen, provide support, and help them in case they encounter problems. Bear in mind that many victims of cyberbullying keep it to themselves and never tell their parents. To avoid this, communicate with each other often.

Set limitations

In the first place, you bought your kids smartphones and computers because you know that they are very beneficial. You can contact them with a text message or even a video call at any time and even see where they are at or where they lost their phone or tablet at when they were out with friends. Theyn6xi10vr_sdfsfpsre also very useful in helping them work on their homework or project in school. However, itn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss vital that you set limitations to the use of these gadgets. It’s not a good thing to become too dependent on technology as a source of social interaction because it can lead to bully tendencies but also increases the odds of crossing paths with a cyberbully online. Make sure that they are not visiting sites that are inappropriate for their age. Further, always check the apps that they install on their smartphones. For instance, using Tinder might be okay for adults but for kids, itn6xi10vr_sdfsfpss not exactly what we want our children doing online.

Inform the school

Oftentimes, kids are being cyberbullied by the same individuals who bully them in school. Sometimes, they could be classmates or schoolmates who are jealous of them or just want to hurt their feelings. When this happens, it is best to contact the school. Teachers are aware of cyberbullying and informing them can help them help you and your child in return. Many schools learn from student experiences and address problems like these at school gatherings in the auditorium and in teacher-parent interactions.

In Closing

Cyberbullying and the number of different people find different ways to be mean to each other online are growing but the fact is that it can be prevented. Parents can protect their kids from cyberbullying by using the tips mentioned above and checking out the other articles on this site related to cyberbullying. Smartphones and tablets are powerful tools for positive activities in the right hands. Navigating the intricacies of the Internet does not need to be a lonely or daunting experience. By working together, families can learn how to be responsible netizens and enjoy the positive side that the Internet was designed for.

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