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Child Abduction Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Child Abduction Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Child abduction is a topic many people may not think about on a daily basis or not at all in most cases, but it is something that affects many families every day. Surprisingly, it has been reported that a child under the age of 18 is reported missing every 40 seconds in the United States alone; that totals to approximately 800,000 reports of missing children every year!

What is even more surprising is the number of reported cases in which children are abducted by a family member or someone they already know. In fact, in 82% of reported abductions, the abductor is an actual family member or parent going through a custody battle. 30% of child abductions that take place are a result of the actions of someone that the child knows and trusts. “Stranger abductions” are not as common as one would think, even though they are just as dangerous if not more dangerous.

Below, in the CHILD ABDUCTION FACTS infographic, statistics on the number of children abducted each year are outlined with some surprising numbers. These days, parents need to keep better tabs on their kids and keep track of where they are at all times to ensure their safety; installing monitoring software onto the smartphones of teens and young kids can help parents with this. With monitoring and parental control software like PhoneSheriff and its new innovative features, parents can keep a constant eye on the whereabouts of their children to help ensure they do not become victim and another number added to the statistics.

Smartphone monitoring and parental control for parentsFor the full-resolution version of this infographic, Click Here.

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