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Our global team consists of dozens of professionals dedicated to helping you monitor your computer, smartphone and tablet. We provide the most feature-packed software with full instructions and support to all our customers.

In the rare event that our software doesn't work as advertised, we will work with you to solve the issue or refund your order. As a member of the Better Business Bureau of Northeast Florida, we stand behind our product and service.

Company Profile

Retina-X Studios started as a web consulting and design operation in July 1997. After developing a series of monitoring software programs for external customers, Retina-X Studios began developing its own enhanced monitoring software applications to be marketed under the Retina-X Studios brand.

The first major application was AceSpy for PC, launched commercially in April 2003. Since then, a series of innovative and well-received monitoring software applications has been introduced, including the first monitoring software available for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android.

Retina-X Studios quickly gained a reputation in the industry for reliable and thoroughly tested software in this market niche. Positive comments in magazines such as Reader's Digest, Computer Shopper, PC Pro, Computer Buyer, T3 and others, coupled with media exposure from outlets like CNN, CBS and BBC, helped in the marketing effort of these applications.

Starting in January 2008, the success of Retina-X Studios' software led to the creation of a boxed retail product, now carried by numerous chains in thousands of stores nationally. This provides access to this application genre to a new audience.

Positive reviews, media coverage, and continued success have helped RXS grow at a phenomenal rate, with sales growth of over 1600% in a two year span. Retina-X Studios software is widely acknowledged as leading the field in this market niche.

Retina-X Studios is dedicated to providing the most complete, professional mobile and PC software applications possible. Our software is widely used, with excellent reviews and user comments. All RXS software is extensively tested in a variety of environments to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Retina-X Studios, LLC
13453 N. Main St.
Suite 201
Jacksonville, FL 32218
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Toll-Free Number:   (888) 475-5345
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Device Requirements
Any compatible Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian OS or Windows Mobile smartphone, iPad and Android tablet.
GPS tracking requires GPS enabled device.
Compatibility Details
Compatible Phone Carriers
Any GSM or CDMA carrier. Includes T-Mobile, Sprint, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T and most others.
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